Sunday, January 5, 2014

As Promised--Snow, Wind, and Single Digit Temps

Though the snow and wind arrived later than predicted, both arrived. Fashionably late, I guess. Most of today, right up to about an hour ago, the snow fell. Because of the wind, we have some pretty good drifts around the house. Tomorrow there'll be lots of shoveling going on, but since work already posted notice of not being open for business tomorrow, I have all day to remove the snow from in front of the garage. Plus I have two strong boys home to help me out. They both are more than ready to return to school, so it'll do them good to get out and work off some energy.

I love snow days. What better days are there to stay inside and laze about? I read, made a loaf of honey-wheat bread, baked chocolate chip cookies, concocted a new body scrub, and watched the Boilermakers lose to Minnesota. After a dinner of yummy homemade shepherd's pie (day 5 of eating in--didn't have much choice due to the weather), we played a round of bid euchre, with the boys coming from behind to beat Hubby and me. Tomorrow, I hope to do more of the same, right after I shovel all the snow from in front of the garage.

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