Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sneaking Around

For much of the summer, Funny Delightful Son's girlfriend, a petite, pretty, quiet though funny when she does speak young lady, came to hang out at our house without her mother's permission. I'm pretty sure her mother had no idea Petite Pretty Girlfriend was sneaking around to visit FDS. They would watch TV or sit at the dining room table and play cards or go for bike rides. It is so completely obvious the two simply enjoy being together and truly like one another.

Last week, after another two weeks of being down due to the mono, Funny Delightful Son began feeling better, and to perk him up a bit, Petite Pretty Girlfriend arrived one afternoon to deliver a care package of fun foods. She wasn't to stay long, but she ended up staying several hours. When she returned home, she was informed she wasn't to see Funny Delightful Son for the rest of the week. Both were crushed.

In the meantime, in an attempt to keep busy, Funny Delightful Son received the components he'd ordered to convert his recurve bow into a bow he could use for fishing. He got everything into place, did some practice shots, then announced he was ready to give it a try with real fish. We made plans for a trip to the I&M Canal where the Asian carp has taken over and is considered a nuisance, and FDS asked if Petite Pretty Girlfriend could go along. I had no objections, but when Other Mother was asked, her response was no. She didn't want her daughter in the same space as Hubby. When she was assured Hubby would not be part of the outing, she relented and allowed PPG to go (Hubby did go--I put my foot down and said enough).

Early Sunday morning, we left for the canal. The day was beautiful. Sunny. Breezy. Perfect for fishing. We arrived at the canal, and within minutes FDS was drawing back his bow to try and shoot a carp. We could see a large group of carp, so it seemed like skewering one would be cake. After his initial shot, though, they all disappeared, apparently going further beneath the surface to avoid becoming impaled. FDS waited and waited for the fish to reappear, but they didn't. He then got the idea to just shoot into the water, thinking there were so many fish that the odds of hitting one was high. He was right. It didn't take long to hit one. By late afternoon, he had three fish on ice in the cooler.

We returned home, hot, sweaty, and stinking of fish. We all wanted a shower. Including Pretty Petite Girlfriend. So we all took showers. Then Pretty Petite Girlfriend went home. And Other Mom became furious. She informed Pretty Petite Girlfriend that showering at our house was inappropriate. She accused her and FDS of having sex. Apparently, Hubby and I allow a free-for-all in our home. As punishment, Pretty Petite Girlfriend cannot come into town to meet up somewhere with FDS for a month, and she is not allowed to go on family outings with us for a year. When I was informed of Other Mom's mandates, all I could do was shake my head.

I've been staying out of the whole Other Mom mess, but part of me feels like it's time to step up and let my voice be heard. I feel like Other Mom is making assumptions about me, Hubby, and FDS that are completely unfounded and even leaning towards being cruel and hurtful. I'm not sure how to go about making my voice heard, but with some thought, I'll figure it out.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Secret Comes Out

So I thought about the cookout Other Mom wanted to have to, per her words, "further evaluate" Hubby. I kept this to myself, not cluing Hubby in on the issue as I knew what his response would be. I really didn't want to go to him and say, "Oh, by the way, Other Mom thinks you're childish to the point of perhaps putting her daughter in harm's way if she were to come over to our house." Honestly, when Funny Delightful Son told me Other Mom thinks Hubby is childish, I did laugh. He is. That's a given. All of us at one time or another over the years have looked at Hubby and said, "How old are you? 12?" But he's never, ever done anything to put any of us in harm's way. He's just a big goof. Our big goof.

Two weeks after prom, we traveled to Tennessee to visit family and attend my nephew's high school graduation. Late Saturday morning, because we had some time before having to be at the party, we cruised my old grad school haunts so the kids could see where I spent several years of my life. We then found a lovely restaurant in the old downtown area, one with an outdoor patio area graced with large, beautiful trees shading the tables, and we decided to have lunch. While enjoying alligator bites and pesto grilled chicken, the subject of Funny Delightful Son's girlfriend came up. Hubby inquired as to why she hadn't been over to the house for some time.

Funny Delightful Son: "Because she can't."

Hubby: "What do you mean she can't?"

Funny Delightful Son (who at this time was suffering from his second bout of mono and was not in a good mood): "Just that. She's not allowed to come over to our house."

I could see the confusion on Hubby's face, so I took the reins and explained Other Mom's concerns. Just as I had suspected he would, and I totally understand why he did, Hubby became angry. Indignant. Even angrier. For the rest of the day. We discussed the issue at lunch, after lunch, at the graduation party, after the graduation party, during the trip to the home of my sister-in-law, on the return trip to the hotel. I reached the point where I didn't want to talk about it any longer. Funny Delightful Son didn't want to discuss it any longer. A heavy mood invaded what should have been a fun trip.

One thing we all agreed on was that we would not attend this "evaluation" cookout.

After returning home, Funny Delightful Son and his girlfriend would go out, maybe to fly kites or fish at the lake or kayak or spend time at her house. Then, one day, his girlfriend showed up and stayed for several hours. Being a little surprised, I asked if she had been given the go ahead to hang out at our place. She shook her head no, saying her mom didn't know she was there. I figured this wasn't a good thing but decided to stay out of it. I've stayed out of it for over two months, thinking her mom would lighten up, but I was informed a few days ago that this isn't the case at all.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Saga Begins

Back in May, Funny Delightful Son attended his first high school prom. Leading up to this day, Funny Delightful Son prepared carefully: making sure his tux fit perfectly, scrutinizing the flowers selected for his date's corsage, and cleaning the car so his date could ride in style. The young lady he was attending prom with had caught his eye from the beginning of the school year, and he wanted prom to be perfect.

To start the evening, Funny Delightful Son and his date met up with friends at the grandparents' home of one of the young ladies of the group. There, they were going to have dinner before leaving for prom. Prior to dinner, we parents took pictures of our kids all decked out for the special occasion. It was just minutes until the picture taking was to commence that the Saga began.

While the young people were gathered on the back deck, admiring the glitzy dresses and the colorful corsages, the parents were inside, chatting about what a lovely May afternoon we were having. The host, an older gentleman, offered all of us a beer while we waited for the young people give the signal they were ready for pictures. Some of us laughed and declined, and Hubby, because he tries to make jokes out of every situation, said something along the lines of already having had several and where was the keg for the kids? The host laughed, as did some of the others, but one parent took great exception to Hubby's attempt at a joke--Funny Delightful Son's date's mom.

Prom went well for Funny Delightful Son. Then, the following Tuesday, after I picked him up from school, I could tell something was up when he volunteered to go grocery shopping with me. On the way to the store, he proceeded to tell me that his date's mother wanted Hubby and me to go to their home for a cookout. I thought, sure, sounds good. The next comment, though, caught me by surprise. Seems the cookout was to be a means for his date's mother to "further evaluate" Hubby. Apparently, the comment he'd made about drinking had bothered her so much that she found him "childish" and a bad influence. She was afraid her daughter might not be safe in coming to our home.

I went from laughing over the absurdity of the situation to being angry to being insulted. I thought who the eff does this woman think she is? I told Funny Delightful Son I found Other Mom's request completely insulting and no, Hubby and I would not attend the cookout. To this, Funny Delightful Son said, "Mom, I really, really like this girl. I hope to keep seeing her." I considered this and responded that I would do it for him, but I couldn't promise being nice. To this, Funny Delightful Son said, "Mom, I really, really like this girl." The earnest look in his eyes showed this to be true. I said I'd think about it and let him know.

Stay tuned for Part II of The Saga.