Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What Life Brings Us

Since Sunday I've been in a new place, alone. I have a room to myself in an old southern house that the owner has opened up to those who wish to spend all their time writing. Across the hall is another woman, a poet. We just spent the last two hours fixing dinner, eating dinner, and talking. She's a beautiful person, and I feel blessed that she has become a part of my life. For a couple of months now I looked forward to being here. Today, being here in an old house that has sheltered many writers before me and is now sheltering two fledgeling writers, I know this is exactly where I'm supposed to be.

The past three days have been filled with writing. New Friend and I found out only a year separates our ages, though to be honest, she looks so young. I thought she was at most 30 years old. I think her yoga practice and her meditation have served her well. I am most definitely going to look into beginning both when I return home. I have learned so much from her in only three days and am very thankful to have met her.

I have come to believe that the moments in our lives happen for a reason. The reason is that we take notice, that we reflect upon them, that we learn from them. We then can move forward and embrace the next moments of our lives. I have also come to believe that I don't have to always be striving for something. It's okay to just be and let life unfold as it is supposed to do. That's kind of what's happening this week for me. Life is unfolding and I'm just sitting back, watching it do so. What life has brought me this week has touched me beyond words. I will keep this week with me for a long time.

Friday, May 7, 2010

End of the Semester . . .Finally

Just tidying things up at this point--finishing portfolios, calculating grades, and cleaning off my desk. I'm happy to see this semester end and am ready to begin the summer session, for I have new ideas I want to try out. I also will have more time to work on the sports literature class I want to teach in spring 2011. Best of all, I will be leaving in a week to spend seven glorious days at a writer's retreat, working on my manuscript.

The funk I've been wallowing in is beginning to lift with each day that gets me closer to the writer's retreat. I need to write. The ideas, the words, and the images have been building, filling me to the point of bursting. Meeting with a friend on Fridays the past few weeks has helped channel the energy, but having time to actually put this energy onto the page hasn't happened. Frustration has built.

I know, though, in a week I can pack and set off on my writing adventure.