Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Trials and Triumphs of Cooking

Had a dinner fail last evening. The cornbread. Took my first bite and immediately the baking soda overpowered the rest of the flavors. Almost as soon as the concept "baking soda" registered in my mind, I realized my mistake. The baking soda should have been baking powder. Which explains why the cornbread turned out nearly flat, more like a corn tortilla. As I was preparing the cornbread, I was also trying to listen to Hubby tell me something (which, my bad, I can't even remember what it was he was saying to me). I know I read the recipe, but I wasn't truly paying attention to what I was doing. At least it was only the cornbread. The chili was yummy and perfect for the cold day, and since it was some that we'd made a couple of weeks ago then froze for a night like last night, it gave us day 6 of eating in.

This morning, I was determined to make up for last night's fail. For some time now, like several years, I've been trying to find the best buttermilk pancake recipe. The ones I've prepared up to today were just meh. Nothing special. So this morning, like I've done before, I turned to the WWW and began searching. One of the first pages I found was Brown Eyed Baker, and I thought, "Wait! I'm brown-eyed. This is a sign!" I clicked on the link, read through the page and the recipe, then gathered up all the ingredients. The fact that I actually had all the ingredients on hand further proved that this recipe was going to be The One.

I followed the recipe exactly, being sure to not over-stir the mix. I'll admit I was dubious as I stepped back and eyed my work; the batter seemed so thick. But I went with it. I let the batter sit for ten minutes like the recipe suggested. I warmed my electric griddle to 350 degrees like the recipe suggested. Then I scooped some batter onto the griddle and watched as the magic happened. The pancakes rose and bubbled. I flipped each carefully. The edges sizzled while little air bubbles popped from the middle space between the top and bottom of each. When they were finished, I arranged them on my plate, added a small pat of butter to each, poured pure maple syrup on top, then took my first bite. With that first bite, I knew. With that first bite, I nearly swooned. I'd finally found the fluffy, luscious goodness I'd been searching for.

I so know what I'm having for lunch.

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