Monday, January 6, 2014


This morning the temps registered at -17 degrees. Yikes. That's cold. The wind chill is making the real feel a very, very bitter -30something. We have our thermostat set at 66, and the furnace is running nearly constantly. Not much we can do about it except layer and just enjoy the day inside, with hot tea, chocolate chip cookies, and a good read.

Fresh from the oven
As I was finishing cleaning the kitchen this morning, I thought, "There's one last bowl of shepherd's pie left. I'm going to have that for lunch." Happiness washed over me at the thought of having that one last bit of what had been a simple yet delicious meal last night. Then I saw the container in the sink. The container that had held the last bit of the simple yet delicious shepherd's pie. Someone had beat me to it. I'm pretty sure that someone was one of the boys, as both have become late-night scavengers. My happiness was quickly replaced by dismay. The consolation is I'm delighted whoever ate it thought it was as good as I thought it was. Lunch will have to be grilled cheese on homemade honey-wheat bread.

I know I'm only 6 days into the new year, but I think I'm kicking butt with my resolutions. Since last Wednesday, I've only watched two television programs, the first being "Rehab Addict" and the second being the Boilermakers basketball game. That comes to about 3 1/2 hours total for the last 5 days. I've read every day, and I've written every day. I've also been on the trainer every day since last Wednesday, increasing my time from 30 minutes to 45 minutes the last two training rides. My goal is to be at an hour by February 1. The making dinner every evening is going good, too, with tonight's dinner being either chili or eggs/bacon/pancakes. I'm kind of leaning towards having breakfast for dinner. Warm maple syrup sounds really good right now.

Warm anything sounds good given our below zero weather we're having. Brrrrrrrr.


Cathy said...

Isn't bread, toast and warm, just about the best thing even in winter time? I don't eat as much bread in the summer, I find, but in winter? Oh man. I think our bodies crave foods that have been imbued with warmth--soups, casseroles, even roasted veggies (making some right now!) ...and bread. Ah.

JK said...

I agree--I do think our bodies know what we need to do to keep warm, even if it means putting on a bit of fat during the winter. I also agree that toast, especially from homemade bread, is such a pleasure. Mmmm-mmmmm.