Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A First Kiss

Funny Delightful Son told me today that he kissed his girlfriend, and it scared him to death. My response was, "Well, despite that, was it everything you thought it would be?" He grinned, saying, "Yeah. It was."

For nearly two months now, Funny Delightful Son has been seeing a very lovely young lady. She is the one that got away for Homecoming. Another young man beat Funny Delightful Son to asking her out, so she accepted his invitation. This led to FDS playing it cool, waiting for Homecoming to come and go, biding his time until he felt the dust had settled, and he could ask her out without another young man being in the picture. When that time came, FDS asked Lovely Young Lady out to dinner and they've been seeing each other ever since.

They've written each other letters and poems.

They Skype during the evenings they don't get to see each other.

They Snapchat constantly.

When they're together, you can tell they simply enjoy each other's company, and a few days ago, FDS told me, "I've never been so fond of another human being."

When LYL's mom said no to her daughter coming over one day this past weekend, FDS was down in the dumps. We sat down and chatted about why her mom might step in, and during our conversation I suggested perhaps her mom was worried about how attached the two of them had become. I'm a little worried, so I just put my worries out there for FDS to know about. We talked about this being his first relationship. We talked about how liking someone so much makes us feel strange emotions we've not experienced before. We talked about how our bodies sometimes override what our minds are telling us. During this entire conversation, FDS showed me again just how mature he is. The respect he has for LYL is first and foremost.

When I was a single mom, I worried that I wouldn't be able to raise two boys so that they developed a healthy respect for women, as well as a daughter who had a healthy respect for herself. I decided very early on that nothing, absolutely nothing, would ever be off limits as far as discussions go when it came to all three of my children, and I vowed to listen to them with every fiber of my being. While there were moments of "Really, Mom?", and "TMI, Mom, TMI," I now see three young people who aren't afraid to come to me and talk about whatever it is they're dealing with.

I am one lucky mom, and I feel overwhelmingly honored that my son shared with me about his first kiss.

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