Monday, January 3, 2011

I Lost My Training Widget!

Well, I didn't lose it exactly. For some reason, the widget wasn't updating, and no matter how many times I tried to replace it with the correct information, it just kept giving my training recorded a day during early last week. I decided to just delete it for now. Maybe whatever is ailing the widget will get fixed over the next few days and I can replace it. I kind of liked having it as I could see each day the increasing mileage for the year. Last year, I ended with 748 miles of combined running and cycling. Most of the mileage came from cycling, so this year, one of my goals is to up the running miles, try to end the year with more than the 37 I logged for 2010. I actually did have more than 37. I just didn't start logging my workouts until August. I may have had around 40 given my lack of enthusiasm towards running.

I'm actually doing pretty good with the running. During the lovely three-week break from school, I found myself looking forward to working out, and I think this is due to having two sprint tri's on the calendar, one in April and one in May. I want to better my time from last year's one sprint tri, so I have to up the ante to make this happen. I want to set the tone for the summer: getting stronger and faster with each event. Tonight I cycled on the trainer for an hour. I tried to keep the rpm's up, going faster during the commercials, and I could feel my heart pounding, so tonight was a good night.

Later this week, the new fitness facility opens at work--it'll be heaven running and cycling in warmth. Who knows. Having the opportunity to workout in a warm place just might spur me to put in even more mileage. Maybe that's what the widget is afraid of!


Natalia said...

The daily mile thingy was kaput. I emailed them, as mine had not updated in weeks. Anyway, they seem to have fixed it now, but I still had to wait 2 days before it did. It seems ok now. Maybe you can still recover the deleted miles!
You are really doing well on the running side....and yes running and cycling in the warmth is bliss.......enjoy!

JK said...

Thank you so much for letting me know. I'll check back in to dailymile and see if everything is updated and can be put back on the blog. I'm so excited about the fitness center opening--it'll be strange wearing just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I'll feel underdressed! :)