Saturday, January 22, 2011

Back on Track

My little bonk the other day made me re-evaluate a couple of things: my workout schedule and my eating patterns. I thought I had the workout schedule figured out in such a way that it would fit nicely with my work schedule. The working out in the evening followed by a workout early the next morning, though, just isn't the best plan. In addition, I was only eating the usual three meals a day. With the increase in energy expenditure, I need to eat more and more often. I was still going by my 1500 calories a day, which is okay if I'm not doing a whole lot. Most days, however, I'm using around 500 or 600 additional calories, meaning I'm really only getting anywhere from 900-1000 calories a day. My body is saying, "JK, stop being a knucklehead! Eat, damnitall, eat."

I ended up taking Thursday off. I wasn't physically tired after work, but I was sleepy tired. I went to bed early that night to try to make up for recent lost sleep. Thursday was also my first day for eating 6 meals. I ate breakfast, had a mid-morning snack, a smoothie for lunch, a mid-afternoon snack, dinner, then another snack before bed. I'm being very careful with the snacks, trying to make them healthy and made up of foods that will offer an energy boost. Yesterday I worked out in the morning, making sure I ate before, following up with a protein drink right after. I then had my other four meals for the day. I felt really good all day long. Usually I feel tired by 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Yesterday the energy was there the entire day. I'm optimistic.

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