Saturday, January 1, 2011

And We're Off

The start of a new year has begun, and with it, the wonder of what the next 12 months will bring. I, for one, have lots of hopes. My primary hope is that my family continues to enjoy good health. My middle child for many years was the one who battled sore throats, allergies, and colds. We teased him about being the sickly one. Thankfully, 2010 was a good year for him. He remained healthy overall, only having one or two colds at most. During the fall semester, in November, it dawned on me that he hadn't been sick during the fall months. This was a first in his life. My secondary hope is that I can continue writing, producing like I did during summer and fall of 2010. I truly believe my time has come for creating good work. When I finish a story, the feeling of accomplishment spurs me to continue. I've never experienced this before. And lastly, for 2011, I hope to fine tune my nutrition and exercise. I have several events lined up, giving me something to work towards, and I'm working on what I eat to make sure the time spent working out isn't for naught. I'm toying with the idea of entering an Olympic tri then a half Ironman, but I'm not convinced I could actually complete either of these. The idea of running farther than a 5k scares me. It's taken me two years to make peace with running a 5k. Running a 10k or a half marathon just seems impossible.

Day one of 2011 is almost over already, and while I didn't do a whole lot, I did enjoy breakfast with my family, a movie with my lovely daughter, and a good book in between. I'd say I'm off to a very good start with the new year.

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