Friday, January 7, 2011

Fitness Facility Review

Before I was able to walk into the new fitness facility, a colleague regaled me of how beautiful the place was. She'd just been inside, not to work out but just to tour it, and emphasized with arms flailing how wonderful it all was. My excitement increased.

I entered the building and met a student worker at the desk. She asked for my ID, something I've never had in the 11 years of working for the college, but I did have my employee ID number. With that, all I had to do was punch in the numbers on a keypad. Wa-la. I was in.

Without any trouble I found the locker room. A bit on the small side and no benches to sit down on (what's up with that? I kinda wanted to check out the guys' locker room to see if they have benches), but it was clean. In a matter of minutes I was ready to hit the cardio machines.

I started on the stationary bike, choosing a hills program, and cycled for 30 minutes. I definitely need to figure out how to use the bike. I kept trying to up the tension, but for some reason nothing worked. My legs were pumping at a speed I didn't realize I had. The rpm's said 105 most of the time, with a speed between 12 and 16 depending on the tension. I felt like I was going a lot faster than 16 the entire time. I managed to get 7 miles in during the half hour.

From there I went to the treadmill. I didn't push it since I did intervals the day before. I plugged in my headphones, changed the tv channel to Cold Case, and got 2.5 miles in after thirty minutes. I didn't get to see whodunit on Cold Case since I had to leave to pick up the boys from school, but with much happiness I found out Hubby had recorded the program for me. I'm looking forward to watching the ending this afternoon after I get home from work.

In all, the first workout at the new facility went well. The cardio machines are beautiful, and there are enough of them that it shouldn't be an issue getting on one when I am able to get there. The free weight area is roomy, and if I don't choose to do free weights, I can do the circuit. If I don't want to do cardio or weights, I can get a basketball and shoot around in the humongous, new gymnasium. And if I don't want to do any of these, I can simply walk on the track that makes its way around the entire facility. Really, no reason exists for me not to get some kind of workout in everyday. And it's free. How cool is that?


Natalia said...

So now you finally get to run in warmth! Good work out too....Indeed, no reason not to do something everyday!

J said...

We should have someone scope out the men's locker room... I would go in there, bit there are certain things my poor eyes don't need to see!

JK said...

@J: hahaha. I asked about the benches; the guys don't have any either. Others have already made it known: please put benches in the locker rooms.

@Natalia: it'll be interesting to see what happens once the students start back. The last few days have been great with no waiting for equipment. Might not happen once students are back, but I'll figure out when the down times are and go then.