Thursday, November 11, 2010

Still Not Running

And maybe that's why every little thing is irritating the living bejeezus out of me. I've just not been getting the necessary amount of exercise, be it running or biking or swimming or whatever. I haven't done a darn thing for the better part of two weeks.

On top of not working out and releasing those lovely endorphins that make me feel all is right with the world, I've felt like those around me (save my children) are always asking for something but are unwilling to give anything in return. I will qualify this right now: Hubby has been great with cleaning the house and doing all the heavy-duty stuff to get ready for our charity dinner. His help has allowed me not to have to worry about the dinner all that much. Part of me isn't into having the dinner this year, our third charity dinner, and after getting several "not going to be able to make it" responses from those I consider friends, I'm thinking more than ever I should have just not put the charity dinner on my already full plate.

But the charity dinner is for a good cause. With the State budget cuts and the slow economy, there are a lot of people hurting. The dinner is just a small way for me to give while at the same time enjoying time with family and friends. This year, those attending will bring diapers, formula, and other assorted baby/toddler goods that will be donated to one of our local agencies that helps families in need. In exchange for their donations, those attending get a bowl of soup, delicious bread, and dessert. The last two years were great fun, and my friends/family showed what kind, compassionate people they are by donating goods as well as money to the charity we've designated each year.

I keep telling myself that no matter how few people show up, the dinner will still be delicious, and the company will still be entertaining. The donations will help in a time when everyone's budget is tight. And I am thankful I can do the charity dinner, a small thing that not only brings me joy, but brings smiles to those who benefit from the kindness and generosity of my family and friends.

So maybe I'm not running, but I am thinking about it. I only hope that is enough to carry me through the 5k come Sunday.

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