Monday, November 8, 2010

Dream Bike for My Dream Ride

I test rode a bike Saturday and have been dreaming of it ever since. The bike is a real racing bike, not a wannabe like the bike I'm riding now, although I have to say my current bike has served me well. I really have no complaints about my bike, and I kind of feel guilty for even thinking of purchasing a new one. But it looks like I really am going to do the Bike the US for MS ride, and I want a bike I can cruise on. Just like I imposed my one week "seriously think about it" rule with the MS ride, I'm imposing a one week "really, JK, seriously think about this before buying a couple thousand dollars bike" rule.

The first hesitation I have is a couple thousand dollars is a lot of change to part with right now. With Hubby still out of work, is it wise to spend that much on a bike? Sure it's for a good cause, and I know I would ride it for all the events I'll do next season after returning from the MS ride, but . . ..

The second hesitation I have is, well, I guess there is no second hesitation. It's all about the money.

The shop selling the bike has a layaway plan which I'm considering. I could buy the bike now and just pay a little bit each month until March, when I could pay it off and begin training on it, getting ready for June. With my overload next semester, I could channel the extra money towards paying on the bike and pay it off pretty quickly.

In any case, dreaming about the bike is free. Perhaps during one of my daydreams the way to pay for it will present itself.

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