Monday, November 22, 2010

Body-Mind Rest

After the one meeting I had to attend on Friday, I returned home, changed into total, uber woobie clothes and relaxed, staying that way for the larger part of the weekend. The head/chest cold that has made its way around campus and even within my own home tried to attach itself to me, and it did for about two days, but with all the rest, all the emptying my mind of all things work, the cold didn't have much to cling to. I really think that was the shortest-lived cold I've ever had in my life. Being able to just be, indulge in total body-mind rest, whooped that cold good.

A small part of me does feel guilty for not getting some writing completed, and some workouts in, but that part is so small I was able to squash it easily. This week's work is minimal since I front-loaded my semester, and while I wasn't a happy camper while plowing through all the papers, all the student work coming in during that time, I'm now ecstatic at having nothing to do but my own work this entire week. I'm hoping my body-mind rest over the weekend energized the muse, persuades her to take hold of my fingers on the keyboard and go to town.

Mind-body rest is so important, and I know I don't do near enough of it. Getting enough rest, though, is key to becoming better at just about anything one is working on, as is echoed in The Yin and Yang of Intensity and Rest. Unfortunately, our fast-paced culture gives resting a negative connotation. I know I can only change my viewpoint, and from what I've experienced after only one mind-body restful weekend, I'm a believer.

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