Friday, November 26, 2010

Dream Bike is Now My Bike

I did it. I bought the dream bike. I've looked at bikes, I've read all about different brands of bikes, and I decided to just go ahead and take the leap. So cheers to me for having worked the extra bit I did this semester to make my dream bike become reality.

The only downside is the bike won't be ready until Monday, and the weather over the weekend is supposed to be mid 40's with lots of sun. Perfect for riding. Perhaps I'll go out on my trusty hybrid these next two days, before I switch over to Dream Bike, and try to get in the 47 miles I need to hit 1000 miles since May.


John Romeo Alpha said...

That's an awesome machine! I look forward to your ride reports.

JK said...

I'll definitely let you know how the rides go. Right now the weather isn't looking good for this week, but there's now way I'll bring that sweetness home and not give it a go.