Sunday, March 30, 2014

Under a Very Rare Cloudless Midwestern Sky

Finally, finally, I was able to get out on Sweetness and enjoy a ride. This after wrestling with the trainer tire that is so stiff it takes two people pushing and prying to get it free of the rim. This after blowing the hose on the tire pump because it was jerry-rigged. And this after searching the shelves in my closet, the basket on top of the washing machine, and again the shelves in my closet for my leggings, only to find them on the floor in front of the washing machine though I was certain I had washed them weeks ago. Hmmmmm. But I finally rolled out of the driveway and settled in.

I'm always pleasantly surprised by just how smooth Sweetness is. My cruiser and the Raleigh are heavy and take much more effort, which I think is probably good conditioning, so when I switch to the road bike, it's lightness and handling fill me with happiness. Even the brisk breeze blowing from the south couldn't take away the charm of rolling along easily under a much-longed for blue Midwestern sky. A very rare cloudless Midwestern sky. Even the crass, "Get on the sidewalk!" yelled at me near the end of the ride couldn't diminish the joy of having just completed nearly 25 miles of cycling.

My joy was further compounded when I arrived home and checked my email. My essay that was recently accepted for publication went live today and can be found here. Having my ideas, my words, and my vision of something that means so much to me out there for others to read scares me but also fills me with happiness. I do hope those who read the essay get some enjoyment from it.

Wind turbines under blue sky

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