Friday, March 21, 2014

Finding My Balance

Yesterday when I left the house to go to work, it was a balmy 30 degrees. I knew I had to ride my bike. I really had no choice as a pull to bring the blue cruiser down from it's spot in the bike barn propelled me off the sidewalk, across the short path to the barn. Today dawned sunny and even warmer, giving me day two of finally being able to ride without freezing. About half way to work, I realized just how much I had been missing the daily commute. A happiness I'd not been feeling for awhile washed over me as I watched the ROTC members undertaking a drill at the park alongside the bike path, as I saw robins flitting about the hedge apple trees, and as I heard the trill of the red-winged black birds near Birky pond.

All last semester, I cycled to work. Each day I enjoyed the fresh air, the sunshine, sometimes the cold and snow. Being outside, even for just a short time before having to start work then for a short time on the way home afterwards, helped me find balance. When the holiday break came, so did the bitter cold and lots of snow. My threshold for continuing to ride is around 15 degrees. With no wind. Once break was over, the wind and snow continued, keeping the temps below 15 degrees for a long time. Right up until the last two and a half weeks or so. I didn't ride all of January, February, and now most of March. I could feel the tension inside building over the last couple of months, and when I was cycling to work today, I could feel the wound-too-tight feeling begin to loosen. I could feel balance returning.

Such a simple thing, cycling, but it brings about calm, joy, and balance.

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