Friday, March 28, 2014

A Perfectly Sweet Kind of Day

You know things are right with the world when:

  • your friend welcomes a much-wanted, much-hoped-for beautiful addition into his family;
  • your face freezes while cycling to work but you don't care because, well, you're cycling to work;
  • you get a thank you from a stranger for the work you're doing for a cause you believe in;
  • you get a note from a sister-in-law, telling you she read a book you recommended and loved it (Driftless: one of the best books I've ever read);
  • your significant other goes out during the middle of watching his favorite hockey team play to get you a vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing because one cupcake a day just isn't enough.
Yeah, it's been a perfectly sweet kind of day.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I'll take that book recommendation, and checkout Driftless. Thanks!

JK said...

Do let me know what you think.