Saturday, March 8, 2014

Aboard the Healthy Eating Horse

Me around 11 years old aboard Copper.
Here I am, Saturday morning, a mere three days beyond my birthday, thinking about how I've done getting back on the healthy eating horse. So far, the horse has been a comfortable ride though at times I've thought about jumping off and stuffing a donut into my mouth. One thing I've begun doing when I feel the urge to pat my horse's neck and say, "Thanks for the ride but I'm bailing now," is sit down and write about why I'm wanting to eat when I'm really not hungry. This has helped me sort through the emotional aspect of eating and stay on track. Taking the time to think things through has shown me I'm inclined to eat because others are eating and because yummy, full-of-sugar processed foods are right under my nose. I don't have to follow the herd. I'm on the healthy horse. With my beautiful black steed, we tell the herd which way to go. I am now four days into not consuming refined sugar, and this makes me feel really happy. Being happy is a much better emotion to feel than disappointment in myself. I know I can't expect myself to always be so in control, and I know four days isn't all that much to get excited about, but when I think back to what I was eating v what I'm now eating, four days is huge.

My half Arab mare, Waymalin's Dream.
Because it is Saturday morning, Hubby did the usual: the chain donut factory breakfast of a dozen donuts. At first I thought one plain donut like I always have on a Saturday morning wasn't going to hurt. Then I considered having egg whites with kim chee and some cottage cheese. I opted for the latter. The donut weighed in at 320 calories. The eggs, kim chee, and cottage cheese weighed in at 160 calories. The donut has 22 grams of fat. My breakfast contained 5 grams of fat. All the way around, my breakfast won in the nutrition department. That makes me happy. If I'd had the donut, I'd be beating myself up over it, and I don't want to feel that way. My lovely black steed and I are so over these donuts. They have no power over us any longer.

Just a note on the pics: Copper was a grade mare my mom loved, loved, loved. She was owned by some friends of ours, and my mom really wanted her, so she went and convinced our friends to let her buy Copper. Copper and I had many fun-filled days. We did the showing circuit for several years, with the year I turned 13 being our best. We did really well.

Waymalin's Dream, or Dreamer, was my own purchase when I was around 19. She was only three when I bought her and hadn't had any training. I worked with her from the ground up. Our first show, I went into the ring for an English Equitation class, hoping she didn't blow up with all the excitement, and we left the ring with the first place ribbon in my hand. I was stunned. She was awesome. Just a fun horse all the way around.


Cathy said...

Love this pics of your horses!

It is hard to eat healthy when there is junk food in the house. My big strategy to eat healthy is just to not buy the unhealthy, but I get that it gets tricky when other people in other people in the house want it or go buy it themselves.

I tend to try to hide junk food from myself when it's in the house...just having off the counter helps keep it off my mind. OR if I do buy some junk food! I make sure it's quality and therefore expensive. See, if I buy the expensive fancy chocolate bar, I am more likely to only eat one square at a time because I am thinking about how much it cost :)

Cathy said...

Oh, my other rule is if I want something like a cookie or cake, I have to make it myself from scratch. That helps me appreciate it more and have control over the ingredients, so I can make it at least a little healthier. :)

JK said...

It's so hard to stay away from the goodies when someone else is constantly guying them. I'm doing much better, though. I love you're idea of making whatever it is I'm wanting. I agree having to make it will help me appreciate it more. I looked at several recipes today that I might give a try tomorrow.

J said...

I agree with Cathy-- If I want it, I usually make it from scratch. I can also control the sugar and oils going into it that way.

But I'm proud of you making good choices, and it's so neat to see photos of your horses. They are beautiful, majestic creatures. I wish I knew how to ride one well.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Donuts are so awful. Your eggwhites and kimchee sound wonderful, on the other hand.

JK said...

You're right JRA, donuts are really awful and the egg whites with kim chee was delicious. I love kim chee with so many different things.