Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Recycled Parts

My first hub and spokes light. I'm happy with it, but I do have ideas for improving upon it. I really enjoyed sitting on the stool in the garage, at the workbench Hubby made just for me and my projects, and putting this together.

Hub and Spokes Side Table Lamp
My workbench--all mine.
With materials! Thanks bike shop dude for giving me the trash wheels.


Penny said...

Cool lamp...workbench envy! Was there welding/drilling involved or is this a sprocket or another piece from the wheel? I can't tell what the base is in the picture or if the spokes are what is holding the lamp up-curious!

JK said...

No welding or drilling for this project. There are basically two pieces from the wheel: the hub and the spokes. I took all of the spokes off the wheel, leaving the hub bare, then just reassembled to get the finished product. The spokes were put into place with the help of super glue. The spokes are what's holding the lamp up.

And yes, I love my workbench. :)