Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big Mac Abomination

The Big Mac in a blender was an epic failure. The special sauce didn't provide nearly the amount of liquidfication I had hoped for, so the burger patties along with the bun, pickles, lettuce, onions, and cheese turned into what can best be described as a lump of poo. You'd think with this thought in mind as I'm scooping the glob out of the blender I wouldn't eat it, but no, I ate every last bit of it. Not enjoying any part of it. Just going through the motions because dang it anyway, I went through the trouble of blending it and I really wanted something besides cream of chicken soup, so I was going to eat it. After seeing what happened to the Big Mac, I decided against blending the fries. Those I left alone. Those I did enjoy eating.

Thankfully the tooth/jaw/ear pain has disappeared. The liquid diet must have allowed the affected area to settle down, return to some semblance of normal, so last night I very carefully ate shrimp fried rice and a veggie egg roll. No pain resulted from the chewing. I'm still going to take it easy with the kinds of foods I eat, though, and the way I chew, just to make sure I don't cause further bruising. I truly do not want to have to try anymore blender experiments with some of my favorite foods. And yes, even though I'm all about fresh, organic, healthful foods, Big Macs are one of my favorite foods. They are my "special occasion" food.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I appreciate your dedication and follow-thru. Yet: ewww.

JK said...

When I say I'm gonna do something, I do it. Some ideas are definitely better than others. Just sayin'. :) And you're absolutely right: ewww is the only way to respond to seeing a blendered (is that a word?) Big Mac.