Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Very Cool Gift

During my 100 mile ride today, the coolest thing happened. I was pedaling along, thinking about how I need to get to work on my manuscript and get it finished up once and for all. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow on the road. Initially the shape of it brought to mind the orange flags that cyclists used to use years ago. I turned to look, thinking I would see a cyclist passing me. Instead of a cyclist, I saw a large bird flying alongside, right at shoulder level. For nearly 20 yards or so, the bird glided, its wings spread so I could see the white and black pattern on the underside of its feathers, and the black stripes on its body. It then looked at me, flew ahead and across my path, and up to sit on a utility pole. Initially I thought the bird was a hawk, but after returning home and looking up the different types of birds of prey, I found what I think the bird truly was: an American kestrel.

As I pedaled on, I marveled over the bird flying alongside. I see it as a very cool gift, one that I will treasure forever.


Cathy said...

Truly, that was an amazing gift! I can't imagine what it must have felt like, you and the bird traveling side by side--but I bet it was surreal and super-real all at the same time.

Looking at your post below, I remember rowing a boat across the lake at the camp I went to each summer when I was younger. I spent almost a full hour (all of swim-time!) searching for a blue heron I had been watching from the other shore all week. Just as I was about to turn the boat around, the heron shot out of hiding and flew directly over my head showing me its beautiful blue under feathers and full wingspan. Took my breath away. It happened a long time ago, but I can still see it. :)

JK said...

The bird there alongside me was definitely surreal. I have an obsession with birds of prey anyway, so to have this happen made me feel as if they know of my admiration for them. :)

And blue herons--don't get me started. I love these birds. I could sit on the bank of the lake all day long, just watching them stand in the water.