Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Perfect Day

Great Blue Heron

This morning dawned much cooler than what we've been experiencing the last two weeks. With all the windows open, the bedroom was very chilly, and I had to pull the summer quilt tightly around me to find some warmth. Part of me wanted to get up and ride, but being snuggled under the quilt, still sleepy after a night of hearing several parades of college students walking by between midnight and 3 am, loud and obnoxious, I drifted in and out of snoozing for over an hour. The thought of french toast spurred me to get up and start the day.

After breakfast and a quick run to a bike sale in the alley behind some guy's house (still no mountain bike), I finally pulled on the shorts and jersey to set off. Hubby had agreed to meet me up at the lake and ride around it with me, so I started off only to find myself heading straight into a stiff wind. With the cooler temps came the wind, and I felt like I was right back in March when I was prepping for BTUSFMS. Every day I fought the wind. Looking at my rides from March and April, my average speeds were in the 14's and 15's. Today, despite the headwind, I averaged 16.4. Not gonna lie--I'm happy with that.

Riding around the lake with Hubby, we went slow and easy. No reason to hurry on such a beautiful day. At the east side of the lake, we saw several Great Blue Herons, beautiful and graceful creatures. Once home, I downed a glass of cold chocolate milk, thinking yeah, today is a perfect day.

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