Sunday, September 23, 2012

Getting My Hands Dirty

The pawn shop bike was a great buy. I made a clock out of the back wheel, a picture holder out of the front wheel, and key rings out of the chain. Not bad for a $25 investment. Since finishing the key rings, what remained of the frame and the rest of the components hung in the garage. Until this week. Now I'm onto another project. Rather, I should say projects. In the process, I've begun learning about cranksets, cogs, wheelsets, and tire sizes. I've begun learning how to tighten spokes as well as remove them. I've found myself sitting in the garage for hours at a time, fiddling with one bike item or another. I've been to the bike shops, asking the bike shop dudes all kinds of questions. Ideas, plans, and dreams spring forth in the garage as I get my hands dirty.

My first project which will take some time to complete is to build a fixie. I initially thought I would use the frame from the pawn shop bike, but after examining the old wheels as well as the wheels from one of the hybrids, I realized the wheels I was hoping to buy for the fixie won't fit the frame. I could put the same size wheels on the bike that were on it when I got it, but the bike would be too small for me to ride comfortably. Hubby suggested I find a bigger frame, so now I'm on the hunt for another cheap, old bike for its frame. I've seen quite a few bikes for sale at yard sales. I shouldn't have to hunt long.

Another project in the works is to take some of the components and turn them into art. I'm in the middle of creating a small side table lamp by using the spokes from a bent wheel I picked up at the bike shop last week. While it's a fairly simple project, I had to have Hubby's expertise in putting an ON/OFF switch on the cord along with a new plug on the cord. He also had to show me how to use a drill. The lamp itself is now assembled and actually works, so it's time to work on attaching the spokes. This is a baby-steps project, but the fact that I'm making progress, learning how to work with foreign materials, gives me confidence to go onto other creations with which I can get my hands dirty.



Cathy said...

Awesome!!!! Cory and I picked up a bunch of wooden pallets headed for the junk yard over the weekend. We are excited to start building some cool stuff with the re-purposed wood :)

JK said...

I've seen some really cool things done with pallets. Let me know what you do with them.

Cathy said...

Ah! I found instructions for making a bike trailer from pallets!

Although we have lots of other project ideas (vertical garden, potting bench, deck bench/storage) for the pallets, it would be cool to do this one for hauling produce from our garden up to our trailer :)

JK said...

What a great idea. Having that kind of trailer would really make the job of getting the produce to home an easy job.