Sunday, February 13, 2011

And the Results Are: I Am Definitely Delusional

So I had no clue what real stair climbing was going to be like. A girl has the right to be delusional every now and then, doesn't she?

I climbed real stairs today, and rather than do the parking garage, Hubby took me to the newest hotel in town, the one with 9 floors. The stairwell was a balmy 68 degrees, so I didn't have to bundle up, and after a kiss for good luck, I began stairclimbing while Hubby went to take the elevator to the top floor. One minute nineteen seconds later, I was at the top. I beat Hubby to the 9th floor landing by a good five seconds.

We took the elevator back down, walked to the stairwell, and I set off again. This time I pushed it a bit more to see if I could better my one-nineteen. At the 9th floor landing I punched the stopwatch: 1:10. Once again, I beat Hubby by a good margin.

We repeated this process three more times. The third time I slowed down to see what my time would be if I mimicked somewhat the pace I use on the stairstepper. I reached the 9th floor in 1:29. The fourth and fifth times I finished at 1:12 and 1:15 respectively.

Given today's results, my revised goal is to finish the first 30 floors in under 5 minutes. That's the only ascend that counts towards the overall results for the stair climb, and though I won't have the breaks like I did today since I could only do nine floors at a time, I do think I can complete the 30 floors in a strong way. After that, I have an hour to complete as many ascends as I can. I'm still going to shoot for seven ascends, but I'll be happy with six, even five.

Maybe four . . ..

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