Friday, February 4, 2011

A Sushi Kind of Day

Since I usually fix a meal for myself that is different than what the rest of the family eats, I've been trying some new creations. This afternoon, I decided to try sushi. I gathered up the rice, the sweet potato, the cucumber, and the avocado and went to work.

First Sushi Attempt
Being a sushi newbie, I found I didn't have a couple of things on hand that are needed to create sushi rolls. Seems a really important tool is the bamboo mat. I improvised by using a clean dish towel with a piece of plastic wrap on top. I also didn't have enough rice vinegar, so I had to use a bit of white vinegar, which I don't think made all that much difference in the end. Working with what I had, after making two rolls, I decided to save the rest of my wraps for another go in the near future, after I purchase a bamboo mat.

In all, the sushi turned out okay. Though the rolls were on the loose side, the ingredients were delicious. I'm eager to try other ingredients, so I'll definitely take another shot at the sushi roll soon.

In the workout department, I got a solid 5.1 miles in today between the elliptical and the treadmill. Getting going was the most difficult part after swimming so late in the evening yesterday, then turning around and going back less than 12 hours later. Got it done, though, and felt strong through miles 4 and 5. I'm working on the mental aspect of running now since I think I have the form in pretty good shape. I read the other day that elite athletes focus on one thing while they run, a mantra of sorts. The suggestion was to create one's own mantra and repeat it over and over while running. While I haven't really come up with a mantra I'm eager to shout to the world, I tried zoning in on a light at the end of the building and pretending it was the finish line, telling myself, "Almost there, almost there." Awhile back I saw where someone writes on her hand, "Suck it up, Buttercup," but that's not mine, and it's not as positive as I'd like my mantra to be. The focusing I managed today helped me run 11 minute miles. I'll take that for now.


John Romeo Alpha said...

After a couple of pitiful attempts at sushi fabrication, I more or less admitted that I will need to take a course from an actual sushi chef, or maybe watch some videos, before I try again. For me, it's harder than it looks. Like you said, though, it still tastes good. Even in a pile instead of a nice, compact roll...

JK said...

I'm sure your attempts weren't pitiful at all. I'm sure making good, tight sushi rolls is much like anything else--practice, practice, practice. I do like the video idea. Hadn't even occurred to me, but I'll definitely check some out now.