Saturday, February 26, 2011

Running on Fumes

This past week I upped the mileage with both cycling and running to the point that today, as I was running my second mile, I was toast. The fatigue set in and I just couldn't find the gumption to do the third mile. On the spinner, I hit mile eight and called it quits. From there I went to the weight circuit, completed one lower body round, and said enough. To finish up the day, I got in two sets of ab exercises. At that point, I had nothing left in the tank.

Now, as I look back over the stats for the past four weeks, I understand why I'm tired. This past week I managed 51 miles between the running and the spinning. The closest I came to this kind of mileage was four weeks ago with 27 miles. The week leading up to the stair climb I only had 5 miles since I was focusing on using the stair climber and the elliptical. I also got away from my six meals a day this past week. I returned to the three meals simply because I had a lot on my schedule with work and it was just easier to eat three times rather than six. Not eating while increasing the mileage isn't a good combination.

Trying to juggle all the little things in life gets complicated, and to make things easier, sometimes the most important elements get pushed to the side. Thankfully the extra duties I took on at work are over, so I can get back to a more manageable schedule this week. After this week I have the pleasure of spring break week, which will help even further with overcoming this fatigue. At least that's the plan.

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