Thursday, March 9, 2017

Taking Quiet Moments

With no meetings scheduled for tomorrow, I am officially on spring break. I do have papers to grade over break, so I won't have a week of no work-related items to finish up, but since I have no plans whatsoever, I don't mind having papers in need of grading.

This semester has been quite strange for me. I've always taught five or six writing classes each semester for the past 17 years. That's a lot of papers to read and respond to. This semester, because of the release time I have for WAC and the Writing Center, I'm only teaching two writing classes, one of which is online. This puts me in the classroom for one class twice a week. The reduction in assignments to grade has been such that I have not had to spend several hours in the evenings and during the weekends grading. I've been able to do other things. Like read. Take Ado for longer walks. Clean my shop. Sit in my hammock swing on the back deck. Just so many non-work related activities that have been good for my soul.

These soul-refreshing moments are sorely needed. With the emotional turmoil I've been feeling, having time to not have to concentrate helps me think through all the garbage in my head. This evening, after a dinner of salmon and sauteed veggies, I sat in the quiet of the living room, just thinking. I don't think I've ever just sat for several hours, thinking, It felt good.

Yesterday's Sunset

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