Friday, March 3, 2017

Removing the Technological Clutter

I took the first step this morning to removing some technological clutter. I closed my LinkedIn account. It's kind of funny how I'm feeling a bit unsettled over actually clicking the Remove Account button. I so rarely even visit my LinkedIn, so I'm not sure why I'm feeling like I've just lost a really good friend. Does technology have that much power over us? Me? This is exactly why I want to declutter. I don't want to feel so attached to spaces online that suck away time. Time is precious. I have come to believe Time should be treated with much more care.

As such, I'm gradually going to close the various social media accounts I have open. Twitter is next. It, like LinkedIn, is a space I rarely visit. I go in every now and then, but for what? I don't truly enjoy scrolling through the tweets, most by people I don't even know. I have a few friends on Twitter, but overall, those who I follow and who follow me are strangers. I want to focus my attention on the actual warm bodies that I call friends.

Facebook will be the more difficult space to remove myself from. I do enjoy seeing what family and friends are up to. However, I know I can find out what they're up to through a phone call, a letter, a text, an email. These seem much more personal and immediate. These focus on the individual rather than putting it out there for them and everybody else. I want to focus my attention on the individual.

Working through my feelings over stepping away from social media, I'm finding I really am okay with doing so. There's too much life happening and to make happen.

Time. Life. These need my focus, not the online world.

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