Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Finding Ways to To Make More Peaceful Days

February is over! Dang 2017! Slow down!

I feel like the semester just started and I'm already talking to the students about spring break being less than two weeks away, which is midterm. Then, just a mere eight weeks of the semester will remain. Not that I'm counting the weeks down. Not that my mind is on a summer full of cycling, gardening, and prepping for my Pac coast cycling trip, followed by my Southern Tier cycling trip, both directly connected to my sabbatical project. Nope. I'm not counting down the weeks at all.

With it being March 1st, the days are lengthening, and we're not all that far from spring. I've already seen robins and red-winged black birds, as well as crocuses blooming and daffodils pushing up. Even what usually are the late spring thunderstorms have been moving through. Seems so early for all of these things. Because of the in-between weather, I'm not sure if I should pull my spring clothes out or continue wearing my winter clothes. The struggle is real!

When we were at Purdue for the yoga teacher training class, I realized I really don't like using my phone as an alarm clock. The jarring awake each morning by a loud, repetitious sound just isn't a great way to start the day. So I went online and began researching alarm clocks designed for a more peaceful awakening each morning. I ran across an alarm clock that wakes a person up by light rather than noise, and the more I read, the more I wanted one of those clocks. The idea of waking up to a sunrise each morning sounded perfect. And that's what I get each morning now. I have my own personal sunrise right in my bedroom. The light starts out a deep rosy color. As it brightens, the rosy turns to a pale yellow then to a soft white over the course of a half hour. At the half hour mark, the first chirps of birds begin, gradually getting louder but never getting too loud. The whole process is gradual and gentle. And peaceful.

Given the pressure I've been feeling over the promotion portfolio I've been putting together since January and is due on Friday, I will take all the peaceful moments I can get. Yoga in the evenings helps me destress after all the interaction at work and the writing/rewriting/more rewriting of the portfolio, and now, my new sunrise alarm clock helps me begin my days on a lovely note.

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