Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Breaking News! More Snow!

Another 7 inches of snow. Another day of canceled classes. Tomorrow is supposed to bring another dip in the wind chill, the kind of dip that can bring on frostbite within ten minutes to exposed skin, so most likely, we're looking at either another day of canceled classes or a late start. Sigh.

I'm really okay with not having to get up this morning. For years and years I've been getting up at 5:30 am, but the last year or so, I've found it more and more difficult to rouse myself when the alarm wakes me up. I set my clock 15 minutes fast just so I can snuggle under the covers for a bit and prepare myself mentally for starting my day. Even after 15 minutes, I don't feel ready to face the world.

It's not like I don't get enough sleep. Since going caffeine free, since going soda free, since reducing my refined sugar intake (an area of my life I'm quite pleased with--it's been tough, slow going, but I'm making progress), and since getting back to the trainer on a more regular basis, I sleep around 8 hours a night, and I sleep soundly. I have friends around my age that are going through the hormonal insomnia struggles. Thankfully, I haven't had to deal with being up at 1 am, twiddling my thumbs, wishing for sleep but not getting it. Rather, most mornings I wake up to the alarm, thinking, "Already? But I just went to bed." That "just went to bed" was 8 hours before.

This semester, I don't teach class on Tuesday/Thursday until 9:30. As such, while I do get up at 5:30 these two days, I go back to bed for about an hour once the boys are off to school. Having that extra hour does wonders for my overall functioning. I just feel more at peace with the day. I feel more grounded. Maybe a later starting hour is what I need on a daily basis at this point in my life.

But why? What is creating this change in me?

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