Friday, February 14, 2014

Doing a Bit of Reflection

I got to thinking today about some of the changes I've made with what I eat, well, more like don't eat any longer, and that led to thinking about the amount of calories in a cola. Which led to how many calories I had been drinking when I was consuming a 16 ounce cola each day.

Every. Single. Day.

I pulled out my handy, dandy calculator, punched in the numbers--240 x 365--and my jaw dropped.

87,600 calories.

I then divided 87,600 by the amount of calories in a pound.


That's 25 pounds worth of calories I was consuming each year while I was drinking colas. Talk about sabotaging myself and my desire to improve my eating habits. Part of me kept saying, "Oh, it's okay. I exercise every day, so one cola a day isn't going to hurt." Yeah. I was duping myself for a very long time.

Now, into my third month of being soda free, I feel like I've taken a huge step forward with my journey to better health. While giving up sodas may not seem like a big deal, when all the related issues are brought into the equation, just how big a deal it is becomes clearer. The sugar. The empty calories. The caffeine. The carbonation/cola combination. As I see it, these are four very solid reasons for giving up the soda. 


Randall Brison said...

Proud of you, JK. Isn't it something how those calories pile up? Sort of the way money goes out of our hands on something small if we keep doing it every day.

And I'm going to have to try the French toast recipe. :) RB

JK said...

I hadn't even thought about the money aspect of drinking a 16 ounce cola every day. I plugged the numbers in for that and found I was spending $639 a year! Then there's the plastic bottles . . ..

Yeah, just the mention of that French toast makes my mouth water. :)