Sunday, February 9, 2014

Delicieux French Toast

So that French toast I said I was going to make for breakfast? Effing spectacular! Much like my search for the best pancake recipe, I've been on a quest for years to acquire the best French toast recipe. I finally found the Holy Grail of French toast recipes, and when I made a serving for Funny Delightful Son, assuring him this French toast was going to blow his mind, the end result was him saying, "You keep cooking like this and I'm going to become obese." Yeah, it was that good.

What I've found in my very short cooking life of a month and one week is that the really tasty, delicious, make your face contort in pleasure foods are those that throw out the idea of don't eat this or that because "it's bad for you." For years now, I've allowed myself to not eat, to beat myself up over eating, and to try one way of eating then another way of eating because whatever way of eating was "better" for me. When I made my resolution to make this year the year I learn how to really cook, I decided I was only going to cook if I didn't go into it thinking I can only eat this and not that. While I did give up caffeine, sodas, and refined sugar, I won't "give up" anything else. What's the pleasure in cooking and eating if there's all kinds of rules that only serve to make me feel guilty and result in me flogging myself?

Now, I have no rules. Hence the decadent, cooked in an inch of oil French toast. The hot but not smoking hot oil created a very crispy texture to the outside of the bread while making the inside a lovely, smooth custard. With a pat of real butter and real maple syrup drizzled on top, my morning breakfast brought me to the kingdom of pure pleasure.

I know I can't eat rich foods like this every day, but I can eat with the idea of moderation. And I can be sure to throw in salads, veggies, and fruits to go along with the rich foods. Tonight's menu is already in place, featuring a nutrient dense meat dish, a veggie, and probably a potato side of some kind, which just thinking about is making my mouth water. But yeah, moderation and balance should do the trick.

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