Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Pledge

I signed the pledge on Friday, and already I think I have two women ready to commit to riding a bike more often. Both have bikes, but those bikes have gathered dust in the garage for a variety of reasons. Because both are moms, busy moms at that, the idea of using a bike for transportation doesn't make sense to them when they have appointments to get to, grocery shopping to do, kids to pick up from school, kids to ferry to sports practices/events, and a myriad of other "stuff." I totally get their perspective because I was there for a long time myself. When thinking about all the things a woman/mom has to do, using a bicycle as the primary mode of transportation doesn't seem feasible.

But using the bike once a week for a shorter errand, or using the bike twice a week to get small amounts of groceries, or using the bike three times a week for a half hour of fitness riding is feasible. Starting small, taking the proverbial baby steps, is the way to work the bike as transportation into one's life. There'll be hiccups along the way, but isn't this the case with all new endeavors? I've faced a lot of hiccups, but over the last four years I've also learned a lot that has allowed me to make tweaks here and there to improve the process. The learning process has actually turned out to be one of the most exciting aspects of cycling. Seems like every time I ride, whether it be my commute or for fitness, I figure out another cycling problem that makes the next ride even better.

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