Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Failure, But Just For This Evening

Day 3 into a 30 day healthy eating challenge with a friend turned into an epic failure for me. I did really well right up until dinner. I stood up to join the family in the kitchen, and I made it as far as the table then had to hold onto one of the chairs while I waited for the grip of dizziness to pass. That bout of dizziness was the second time today that I about went down. The first time happened when I stood from sitting at my desk in the office. Thankfully Funny Delightful Son was standing next to the desk and wanted to give me a hug right then. I put my arms around him and used our hug to keep myself steady. After the second round of seeing major black spots and feeling that telltale weakness wash through my muscles, I succumbed to eating not just one grilled cheese sandwich but two. And some Greek yogurt. After watching an episode of our current Netflix choice, I stood and waited. Nothing. Thankfully.

Going cold turkey on giving up sugar and processed carbs is tough. I know I've been consuming far too much sugar the last couple of weeks, what with Halloween and my once-a-week stops at the coffee shop for a caramel latte, so it's no wonder my body is rebelling. Shoving it full of sugar then abruptly turning off the faucet of the sweet goodness is bound to cause an adverse reaction. What will put me back on track tomorrow is that even though I only made it through 2 1/2 days of healthy eating, I could tell a huge difference in how I was feeling. Despite today's moments of dizziness, the rest of the 2 1/2 days was really good. Energy. Focus. Not feeling the 2 pm sugar coma coming on. Excellent nights' sleep. All of these positives I want all the time.

Kind of sums up my healthy eating failure: the frost on the bridge can be slippery, causing a fall. Just get up, dust off, keep going.

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