Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And the Cycling Bliss Continues to Grow

Recently, because of my hyper-enthusiasm over cycling--for commuting, for fitness, for bliss--I was searching for other cycling blogs written by women. When I typed in "cycling blogs by women," one of the first hits on the results list was "Women's Bike Blogs: The List." Doing the ol' purse the lips in the "yeah, there's probably two, maybe three blogs listed," I clicked on the link. What I thought next was straight out of A Christmas Story--"and the lamp (in my case, list) blazed forth in unparalled glory." The next thought was, "Great. Now I'm going to fritter away time going through this list and reading all these blogs." I consoled myself by justifying that reading all the blogs was a good, healthy activity, almost akin to being on the bike itself. So I started reading.

"The List" was compiled by Barb Chamberlain, author of Bike Style: The Quest for the Intersection of Style and Comfort, and I for one am incredibly grateful to her for doing so. I have enjoyed reading some of the blogs and look forward to continuing down the list. I feel connected to so many other women who love cycling as much as I do, and hopefully through these blogs, I can create actual connections, enlarging my circle of friends who just happen to be women who cycle.

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