Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where'd My Mojo Go?

Utah has been awesome. The varying terrain has certainly kept me entertained, but the climbing has diminished said entertainment at times. Coming into the ride, I knew there was going to be a lot of climbing, and being a flatland dweller, there wasn't much I could do to train for the hills. All I could do was go out for long, hard rides. That's what I did, and I got through Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri just fine. I even pulled the 14 miler and 11 miler in Colorado without trouble. Utah, though, has just about done me in. And tomorrow, during the trek to Cedar City where we will enjoy a rest day on Friday, we have a 30 mile climb. 30 freakin' miles! That's just wrong.

I'll do the climb, just like all the previous, but I'll not enjoy it. We're at day 47, riding 50+ miles most days, and I for one am just plain tired. While I enjoy the camping, I haven't been sleeping for quite some time now. There always seems to be something going on that keeps me awake: another camper listening to music without using headphones, another camper deciding to get out of his/her tent and unzipping then zipping again, another camper deciding to rummage through the trailer at midnight or getting into the van for whatever and banging the door shut without regard to those trying to sleep, and another camper snoring. Last night, for instance, campers just down the way from our site played cards late into the night. They were loud. I knew this was going to be the case earlier in the evening, so I put Pandora on, put in my earbuds, and very happily listened to music rather than the goings-on of the other campers. Unfortunately I can't do this tonight. No wifi at the tent site so no Pandora.

At this point of the ride, the cumulative factor is great. Lots of miles. Lots of climbing. Lots of no sleep. All add up to losing the incentive to continue. I very easily could call Hubby and say please come get me right now. I won't, though. I signed up for the ride with the intention of going all the way to San Francisco, so I will do just that. I don't know how much I'll enjoy the last two weeks of riding, however, because even in Nevada there will be lots of climbing. I was even told that the day we leave Nevada and enter California we'll face the hardest climb of the whole trip. I'm trying not to think that far ahead, but . . ..

I think back to the beginning in Yorktown and how excited I was, how each day I totally looked forward to the day's ride no matter what the ride entailed. Now, I'm wondering where that mojo went.

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