Thursday, July 12, 2012

Goodbye Colorado, Hello Utah

One thing this ride has taught me is how to be resourceful. Like right now--I'm sitting in the bathroom/shower at the RV park, using the wifi, and charging my phone. Since there are no electrical outlets at the tent sites, and there are no electrical outlets outside the main building, the bathroom/shower was the only option left. Thankfully, this RV park is very nice, well maintained, and clean, a nice change from the campsite we were at the last two nights in Telluride. Which is funny given how high end Telluride is, at least outside the campsite, I guess. So it's kind of nice to spend our last night in Colorado at a place that offers some decent amenities. The tent sites are flat and clear of debris. We have quite a few picnic tables instead of just one for twentysome people. And a river is running right alongside the campsite, offering soothing water sounds for a good night's sleep. 

Tomorrow we'll enter Utah. For me, there's a mysterious quality surrounding Utah, so I'm going to use it as the place I fulfill a request from a friend: offering prayers/meditations/thoughts for his parents who died when he was very young. When I was asked to do this, I felt so honored. I will do my very best to send out positive, loving prayers/meditations/thoughts. 

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