Sunday, July 1, 2012

Halfway There

31 days are now in the book, putting us at the halfway mark by the calendar and by mileage already ridden. In just a couple of days we will be in Colorado. And climbing again. Kansas has been fun with its relatively flat terrain, so moving to the mountains is on my mind these days. I'm all at once excited and scared silly by the thought of cycling the Colorado mountains.

Today we covered 94 miles. I had been dreading the day for nearly a week. With temps in the 100s, and our daily mileage anywhere from the 60s to the 90s, I was beginning to crumble physically and emotionally. Drinking hot water all day only adds to the misery. I'm pretty sure I can make sun tea with the water in my bottles; it gets that hot. Not fun to drink when the sun is beating against my shoulders at 105 degrees. Thankfully storms moved through last night and cooled things off. Being able to ride in 70 degrees gave me the shot in the arm I so needed. The 94 miles went by with lots of smiles instead of frowns, frustration, and constant checking of the mileage. Today was actually fun.

Tomorrow may be a different story, but for now I'm only going to think about today's ride.

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