Friday, July 27, 2012

As Nevada Comes to a Close

I was hoping for a new state of mind when we crossed into Nevada, and that's exactly what I got. Nevada rocked. Many of my cycling mates didn't care for the long stretches of road with not much to see all the way around. I, however, completely enjoyed the nothingness. The miles of road stretching out in front of me, the gentle climbs to 7500 feet, the long, gentle downhills that allowed me to pedal and keep the speed up around 35 mph all added up to each day being an enjoyable ride. Through Utah I felt like I was struggling and commented to a friend that I was getting weaker as a cyclist, but Nevada showed me I was simply fatigued through Utah. Through Nevada, I found my climbing legs again, my flats legs again, and my enjoyment of being on the bike every single day.

Thank you, Nevada.

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