Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trying Out a New Tri Top

Last season I didn't invest in any tri-specific clothing, thinking I should wait to see if I really wanted to continue participating in events this season before spending the money. The one piece of clothing I did buy last summer was a pair of tri shorts. While I never wore them in a tri, I did wear them in a duathlon and for my cycling events. With their thin chamois that wicks away moisture and acts as a padding while on the bike, those shorts served me well. Now, since I'm going to give the sprint tri another go, I decided to check out tri tops. I wore a simple one-piece suit last year, pulling on shorts for the cycling portion of the tri, and while this worked out okay, I really wanted to be able to wear the tri shorts this year to give my tush some added comfort during the ride. After much searching, I found the Orca Core Support Tri Singlet and ordered it. My new investment arrived yesterday, just in time for my scheduled swim.

Orca Core Support Tri Singlet
Bathing suits have never been my favorite thing to shop for. I will admit I have a very low opinion of what I look like in a suit. Be it one-piece or two, it doesn't matter; I believe I look horrible. Unlike what lots of women and men think, having a large chest isn't a gift, and being wide-bodied, with no waist or hips to speak of, makes for a difficult figure to find a suit for, so when the new top arrived, I was afraid it wasn't going to fit to my satisfaction. I pulled out the tri shorts and put them on. Then, with trepidation, I wiggled into the new tri top. To my surprise, it fit really, really well through the shoulders and chest, and was just a tiny bit loose through the waist and hips. As long as it didn't ride up during a swim, I figured the top would work great.

And it did work great. I swam my mile without having to adjust one single thing. In my one-piece suit, I was constantly adjusting the shoulder straps or pulling the leg holes down. I never could just swim. In my tri suit, I just swam, not once having to stop to pull the suit this way or that way. In my one-piece, I was always self-conscious about the ladies and how the cold water affects them, if you know what I mean, but in the tri top, the fully constructed bra and the suit fabric itself took care of that problem. My comfort level in this tri top positively affected my swim; my entire focus was on the swim rather than on what my suit was doing.

I'm definitely sold on my new Orca tri top. The piece of mind it gave me while I swam is worth every single penny I paid for it.

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J said...

It's wonderful not to have to think about clothing discomfort while you are trying to race!