Friday, March 11, 2011

So Far So Good

Okay, since Wednesday and my decision to cut back on the TV and the amount of time I spend online, I've realized I've wasted a lot of hours with both. In only two days, I've finished revising one of my short stories, getting it closer to the point of saying I love it enough to send out for possible publication, gotten further into a new story and am liking the direction it is going, completed my annual self-eval, completed reading and responding to the lit papers and midterms, and read three chapters in three of the four books I bought the other day. I also read the entire Bicycle Times magazine I picked up when I bought the books. (I highly recommend this magazine to all you cycling enthusiasts. The interview with Meaghan Wilbur in the current issue is absolutely wonderful.) I would have never gotten all of these things completed if I hadn't made the decision to give up the TV and Internet wandering. Seeing all of these items being checked off the list makes me feel accomplished and eager to move on to other endeavors.

Today, Hubby and I rode around the lake. It's a beautiful day, with lots of sun, mid-40's and just a bit of wind. Because I'm able to cycle faster, we decided to have some fun with today's ride. Hubby took off ahead of me, and I was to try and catch him. He had a 20 minute head start. I knew there was no way I was going to catch him, but I really wanted a good workout. This setup meant I had to push it. The out and back course is 12.1 miles with several hills, and last year my best time on my old bike for a 12 mile route was 52 minutes. That was on a cold, rainy, windy day. Today, on my new bike, with my new shoes, under sunny skies with just a bit of wind, I finished the course in 40 minutes and change. The average speed was 18 mph. I never averaged 18 mph last year for any ride. The best ride I had was one where I averaged 16 mph.

Now my mind is whirling. I'm wondering if I can get to an average of 20 mph. Maybe 21?

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J said...

I bet you can!