Sunday, March 6, 2011

Swimming with an MP3 Player

One of my Christmas presents was a DolphinTouch waterproof MP3 player by NU. I finally decided to get it put together so I could actually use it, and after today's swim, I'm hooked. Swimming while listening to music is bliss.

My Swim Buddy
The DolphinTouch is small and lightweight, and it comes with two zip-tie like bands to attach it to goggles. I was able to secure the player to my goggles without any trouble. From there, I simply inserted the waterproof earphones, being sure to screw the adapter in tightly to prevent water from getting into the MP3 player, and using the clips supplied in the package to connect the earphone wires to my goggle straps. Wa-la. Done.

I had already connected the MP3 player to my computer and charged it up, and I had already downloaded the music I wanted to listen to. At 4 GB of storage, I have plenty of room to add lots of music, providing a variety to select from. All I had left to do was set the volume. I did a dry run with the goggles before going to the pool to be sure everything was in order, so I turned the MP3 player on, selected the music that I wanted, put the goggles on, inserted the earphones, and did a few crawl moves with the arms. Everything worked as it should have.

At the pool, I eased into the water, wondering if the DolphinTouch would truly work under water. At $129.00, it'd be really disappointing for the player to fizzle. I started out, listening to Snow Patrol, and when I went under, the music played, drowning out all other noise around me. For almost an hour, during my workout of 1600 yards, the music played without cutting out. I've never enjoyed a swim workout as much as I did today's.

The DolphinTouch also came with earphones to use while walking/running or lifting weights. Extra earphone covers are part of the package, so I was able to make sure the earphones fit comfortably. Another nice feature of the MP3 player is it has an FM tuner if I'd rather listen to the radio. Finally, as if all of these features aren't enough, the DolphinTouch comes with a neoprene armband in which I can tuck the MP3 player when I want to go for a run.

I'm completely sold on the DolphinTouch MP3 player and am truly looking forward to my next swim. I do want to put some new music on it, though. Duran Duran just didn't work out as motivating swim music.


Natalia said...

Hello again! I missed reading your blog, but things were/are rather hectic here. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. This has not been a good period thus far as I was feeling a bit stressed out and not hitting my goals was a bit depressing. However, things are much better now and I am happy to see that they have picked up for you too and you are feeling less tired. Good job on the swimming. This is a great review for the mp3 player.

Black Knight said...

Beautiful item indeed. I have just bought 2 new toys: the last of the Garmin and the water MP3 player.

JK said...

Natalia, it's so good to hear from you. Sounds like things have been crazy, but I'm sure they'll smooth out soon, giving you time to get back to the things you enjoy.

Black Knight, I can't say enough how enjoyable the swim was simply because of the MP3 player. You're going to love it.