Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finding Balance Through Moderation

Spring break ended on a good note Sunday. I found myself completely caught up with work related issues. When I walked into my office yesterday after being gone for ten days, rather than having to sit down and read journal entries, papers, or the readings for the day's classes, I just sat and read one of my newest books, Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose. I've already re-read the first two chapters; there's just so much I like about what she's saying that I want to think about it, remember it, lay it out next to my own work as I toil to find the just-right way of helping my characters say what they need to say. I even shared a paragraph from the book with my dev ed students.

My cold frame: light enough for me to  lift.
Today, when I had all class materials squared away within a half hour of getting to my office, giving me two hours to do "other" things before I had to go to class, I wondered why it took me so long to figure out just how much time I was wasting with the TV and Internet. I see the good that can come from both, but like with anything, moderation in consumption is definitely important for me to be happier with how my life is going. I just feel so much more productive.Not only was I able to get work matters caught up after committing to less TV and Internet, but I was also able to finish the cold frame that had been sitting unfinished in one bay of the garage for two weeks. Now, with warmer temps on the way this weekend, I'll be able to get some seeds planted and put inside my little hot house.  

I have to admit I've definitely missed blogging. And, no, not because I believe I have a huge audience that gets agitated when I don't post everyday. I've missed it because it gives me the opportunity to write. In writing, I can think things through and figure out where I went wrong, where I need to go to get things right. At least closer to being right. This morning, knowing today is one of my two allowed blogging days for the week, I couldn't help but do a happy dance. It's the little things that make my world go round.


Natalia said...

I like the title of this post very much! Like you I think writing is cathartic, and it allows me to organize my thoughts. However, I have not been blogging a lot recently, because I feel that I don't have a lot to say - except to talk about my angst....
It sounds as though you are in a good place at the moment with your writing and your training. Nice work on getting the balance sorted.

JK said...

Thanks, Natalia. While I thought I'd have a tougher time letting go of the TV and internet, I'm actually doing pretty good. I'm not missing either all that much. I'm reading some really, really good books and engaging in other things that would have been pushed to the side. I'm just hoping I can keep the balance in balance.