Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First Ride

Ahhhh, to be on the bike again. What a great feeling.

As I left for work this morning, I heard the forecast calling for sunny skies and a high of 52 degrees. Without a doubt, focusing on a full day of writing program issues during a mandatory in-service day was going to be tough when the first promising day for cycling had finally come along after four months of cold, snow, and wind. I briefly considered taking a personal day but then thought it better to do so in April, maybe May, when a truly beautiful, warm spring day is a given.

Knowing my tendency to stare out the window and daydream, and already feeling the anticipation of cycling later in the day, I made sure to find a seat so my back was to the long-awaited sunshine. Only twice--okay, actually a few more times than that--did I turn to check out the blue sky, the wispy clouds. I thought about one of my rides from last summer that took me along the road in front of the college, one of my longer rides that had taken me out to the lake.

In between the discussions about grades, about textbooks, about how to best serve the students, I thought about the clipless pedals I want, about maybe buying a new helmet, about being scared of my new bike.  I'm so comfortable on my hybrid. I know how it handles. I control it. The new bike? In a way, it's like I'm taking off the training wheels, and there's fear tickling down my spine.

I managed to get through work, and all the way home I thought about getting out to enjoy the sun, the warmth. And Hubby was on the same wave-length. Within five minutes of me changing clothes we were out the door and ready to ride. When I settled onto the seat, the fears I had earlier in the day made me stiffen a bit, but as we rode leisurely through town, around the university campus, then back home, I relaxed some. It'll take some time, but I know I'll feel more in control the more I ride.

Tomorrow is supposed to be partly cloudy and about fifteen degrees colder, which is okay since it's a long day at work for me. I still have my daydreams. 

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J said...

Daydreams are a survival tool. :)

I'm glad you got on that bike.