Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Snake With a Head at Each End

from The Phoenixian Book of Creatures
That's what I dreamed about two nights ago--a really, really big snake with a head at each end. I wasn't really scared of it while dreaming about it. Well, maybe just a little. But I woke up wondering what in the world a snake with a head at each end meant. I've never read about one. I've never seen one in all of the lit that I read. I had to find out what meaning lies behind this kind of snake.

In my searching I found out the snake comes from Greek mythology and is called Amphisbaena. It is an ant-eating snake borne out of the blood that dripped from Medusa's head. Okay then. Glad to know a creature from my dream is the spawn of a woman who enjoyed turning men to stone. Is this some kind of unconscious desire of my own?

Further searching unearthed that this kind of snake means being pulled into two different directions. Now that I can buy into. Personal issues have had me in a bit of a funk lately. Some of my unhappiness comes from knowing one of my dreams will most likely never come true unless I make a drastic decision. I can't do this. Doing so would hurt others that I don't want to hurt.

So the snake with the head at each end is myself trying to figure things out. I don't like the answer I've found, but being able to make sense of a part of my life helps to put things into place. I need things in their places. 

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