Saturday, December 4, 2010

Finally, Snow

The forecast called for an inch, maybe two. At this point, I think we're around 4, maybe a little more. And the landscape is absolutely beautiful. With no wind, the snow fell virtually straight down, didn't drift or blow away. It's like a giant, white, goose-down comforter covering everything.

Snow on the Pumpkin
I shoveled our walk, our neighbor's walk, and our back deck. The upper body definitely got the workout, and I'm feeling it in my lower back. Like I said yesterday, core work is a must if I'm going to improve with the running and swimming. At one point, I stopped and had to wipe sweat from my face. Even though the temperature is only 30, with no wind and all the movement, I broke a nice sweat. Later I'm going to add to the sweat factor when I run.

This morning, as I was searching for an event to do that's somewhat close to home, I ran across this. Amazing. Puts lots of things into perspective, like my whining about not being faster. I'm not faster because I don't put in the effort. End of story. And now, end of whining. What an amazing man Jon was, and after watching this clip and reading further about Jon's life, I wiped the tears from my face, went outside, and shoveled snow, giving thanks for being able to dig into the heavy white stuff, for being able to feel the falling snow against my face, for just being. I have a pretty good life. It's time to recognize this and step up to show some appreciation for it.


Natalia said...

Hi JK, thank you for visiting my blog. The upper body workout is good for building endurance, and it will show in the pool. I loved the piece on your new bike. I feel pretty much the same about mine. In fact, we have 4 bikes in our very small flat. My husband will not allow my bike into the bedroom!

JK said...

My kids laugh at me about my bike being right next to my side of the bed. They think their mother is a loony tune. But I think they also see their mom loving an activity and this motivates them to find their own thing to love.