Thursday, December 30, 2010

First Attempt at Buckwheat Pancakes

Writing about pancakes in my post yesterday spurred me to research how I can make pancakes and eat them too. I stumbled upon The Pancake Recipe. Here I found many recipes for pancakes made of flours other than the white flour I'm used to using. After browsing for awhile, I felt armed with enough information to make a trip to the grocery store and buy what I needed.

The first store, just up the street, didn't carry any buckwheat flour. In fact, the store didn't stock any flours other than the standard all purpose and whole wheat. As I didn't have any other evening spectacular I had to be off to, I asked Hubby to ferry me to the one store I knew would have what I was looking for. I dashed through the aisles, knowing exactly where this store shelved their specialty flours. Standing in front of the many packages lined neatly side by side, I scanned the labels. On the second to bottom shelf, all the way to the right side, an empty space caught my eye. I bent down and read the tag for what was supposed to be in that space: buckwheat flour. Hubby thought this incredibly funny, so for his laughter, he earned himself another ferrying job, to the one natural foods/organic foods store in town.

I love this store and can browse the shelves for hours, looking at the variety of products available. My mission this time, though, was to find buckwheat flour. Hubby and I stood looking at the many different types of flours, and Hubby's eyes found the flour before mine did. Two choices presented themselves to me. One was an already prepared mixture, just add milk and egg. The other was just the buckwheat flour. I chose the already prepared mixture. For what reason, I really can't say. I was just so caught up in the idea of having buckwheat pancakes that I didn't take the time to read the ingredients' list carefully. It was only when I was standing in the kitchen after we got home that I saw the mixture contained, gasp, all purpose flour! How could they?

Buckwheat Pancakes with Bananas and Maple Syrup
Thankfully the package is a small one. I'm sure I'll go through it fairly quickly. Maybe having a ladies brunch and plying everyone with faux buckwheat pancakes will do the trick of getting rid of the mixture. I did go ahead and fix some for myself this morning, enjoying them very much. (Though they really weren't all that buckwheaty; my mom fixed buckwheat pancakes for my dad many, many times when I was a kid, so I know what buckwheat tastes like. These weren't even close.)

So overall, the first great, non-white flour pancake attempt flopped due to my carelessness in label reading, but this just means I get to continue my quest for the just-right buckwheat flour.


J said...

Still looks yummy, white flour or no!

JK said...

They were delicious. I did find some plain buckwheat flour, however, and made some from it. The difference in taste was amazing. Took me back to my childhood.

Natalia said...

Hmmm looks yummy! I use a ready made flax and multigrain flour mix. It seems to taste ok.....the buckwheat ones sound interesting though.