Friday, December 3, 2010

Change of Plans

Well, the Bike the US for MS isn't going to happen. Hubby just isn't on board for it, and I can't go ahead with something that he isn't in favor of. I could be petty and snarky and say he does things I'm not on board with, but I won't. Maybe when all the kids are grown and gone, he and I both can do this ride. The upside is not having a two-month ride on the calendar means the summer is wide open for whatever I can dream up. And I like to dream big.

First dream: seeking a PR at the Sullivan Sprint Tri. This was my first sprint tri ever, where I got behind some s l o w swimmers and couldn't get around them. The plan is I'm going to start swimming in January and really work on my form and speed. Most of my problem at the tri was my own fault, not having an accurate 400 meter swim time. If I had timed myself prior to the tri, I would have been put into a faster slot, thus avoiding being roadblocked by slower swimmers.

Second dream: an event every weekend through June and July. I know of several events in the area and others not too far away, so I'm pretty sure I can load up the calendar without too much trouble. Right now, the thinking is a sprint tri or duathlon one weekend, a long ride the next, and repeat. There's also a week-long ride across Illinois, from Cairo to Chicago, that is tempting me. One of the options of this ride is 100 miles a day, a very difficult and daunting twist put to the event.

Third dream: to improve my run time so I consistently run sub 30-minute 5k's. I just need to stop being a baby and suck it up if I'm going to reach this goal. So, New Year's Resolution to start now is no whining allowed. I really don't know how I'm going to enforce this yet, but I'll figure something out. Maybe a reward, like new cycling shoes and pedals if I run sub-10 minute miles for a week. Or new cycling shorts.

Fourth dream: to get my abs in shape. This ranks right up there with the sub-30 minute 5k's for difficulty. I avoid ab work even more than I avoid running. But if I'm going to get any better, I need to work on my core. Like the smart guy at the sports lit conference told me, all motion comes from the core. A weak core makes for weak movement. A strong core makes for strong movement. And since I have my beautiful new bike that demands I ride in a much lower position than I did on my old bike, I'm going to need a really strong core to go for any length of time. Ab-Ripper X here I come.

Those are my dreams. It's time to start working to make them come true.

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