Sunday, December 26, 2010

Best Christmas Gift

After much consideration, if I were to give the award to something tangible, it would go to The Walking Dead Compendium, given to me by Hubby. Coming in a close second would be the Blackbush Irish Whiskey my Lovely Daughter's boyfriend gave to me. I have two other gifts I haven't tried out yet, a waterproof mp3 player and a lap counter for swimming, and I'm eager to see how both work out. Who knows--perhaps after their inaugural use, both of these just might surpass The Walking Dead Compendium as the best tangible Christmas present.

However, contemplating this further, perhaps the best Christmas gift isn't the tangible one but rather the intangible, like the one I received over the course of several days. It started Wednesday, when I met a friend at the coffeehouse, where we chatted, wrote, and drank coffee or tea for several hours. That same day, I met another friend for lunch, and we talked until late into the afternoon. Then came Christmas Eve spent at home, all day long, with my boys, just hanging out. When Lovely Daughter arrived with her boyfriend, we ate dinner. Before the last bite had been eaten, the boys carried their gift to me, insisting that I open it right there at the table. The laughter, the fun, the love my kids have for one another all added up to being, if truth be told, the best Christmas gift I could have ever received. These moments in my life I just want to grab onto and hold tight, never losing how they make me feel.

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J said...

That is beautiful! :)