Saturday, January 12, 2019

Saturday Snow Day

Snow. Finally.

Ice and snow at the creek
So far about eight inches, and it's still falling. Supposed to fall through the day, making today a wonderful day to stay inside and bake orange-cranberry scones (done), listen to good alternative music (doing), sketch out some new ideas for poems (doing, well, in between baking, listening to music, and writing this blog post). And watching the bright red cardinal at the bird feeder.

I took Angel Baby to work this morning since the snow was already about five inches deep. Doesn't seem like a lot, but when walking in it the going can be tough. Maybe not for a youngun' like him, but I also wanted to try out the four-wheel drive on the Jeep. It works. It works really, really well. The roads had been plowed somewhat, but they were still a mess. The Jeep made the snow seem like child's play. No spinning tires. No fish-tailing. Just like a usual driving day.

During break I organized my dresser, closet and laundry room. I also cleaned out the drawers on the desk. Yesterday, I took Angel Baby into my room to show him my sock/stockings drawer, how neatly folded and orderly it is because of how they're arranged. I used box lids and placed the socks in rows so I can see each pair individually. Same for the stockings. The drawer is so neat it's a thing of beauty. No more searching for the mate to a sock I'm holding in my hand. No more wondering if I have a pair of navy blue stockings to go with my navy blue skirt. I can see everything at a glance. Angel Baby wasn't all that impressed. Not at all.

He also wasn't impressed with the new showerhead I installed. The old one was so gummed up, offering barely more than a sad trickle of water. So I found an inexpensive one, installed it, and when I turned it on, it was like watching a beautiful waterfall. Angel Baby, though, didn't mention it, and when I asked him how his shower was, he just shrugged, saying it was good. Then it dawned on him what I was really asking about: Yeah, I mean, it was better than before. Goal achieved!

Plus a bright, fun new shower curtain. I've never had such a colorful bathroom before. My entire life I've had white bathrooms, or black and white tile bathrooms. When I moved into this apartment, the bathroom was a dingy white. Just a miserable room to walk into. I asked my landlord if I could paint it, and he said sure. So I went with orange, like one of those orange Push Ups we used to eat as kids. Then I found a faux stained-glass window film with orange, red, blue, green, and yellow squares and rectangles. I added in bright orange towels, an orange bath mat, and then some mid-blue towels. Today, I hung that new shower curtain -- fun, colorful houses, bicycles with a basket of flowers, and tulips. Definitely a more feminine bath than Angel Baby probably likes, but at least it's no longer dreary and miserable.

This afternoon, I sat in the comfort of my living room and watched the sledders on Jersey Hill. Darkness is closing in, yet a large group is still zipping down the hill and trudging back up. Some moments I wish I had a sled so I could go join them. Other moments I think nahhh, I'm good right here. Yep, all cozy in this oversized chair is where I'm gonna stay.

The world in black and white

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